BRD, Bundeswehr belt

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The strap of the ex- West German army (BRD, Bundesrepublik Deutschland). It's similar to the waist belt of the Wehrmacht in design, but wider (width is 5 cm as opposed to 4.5 in the Wehrmacht). So buckles are not interchangeable between them. The belt has a hook at the end, it clings to the buckle's bracket. Leather is smooth side on the inside (like the Wehrmacht) and the outer side is covered with smooth paint. This belt is waistbelt, it is hard enough to hold the weight of the equipment. It may be used as a belt for trousers. The buckle included!

It is theoretically possible to alter this belt to the belt of the Wehrmacht, to do so, cut neatly 2-3 mm along each side. Without alteration is a great leather belt in German style, but without the prohibited symbols on the buckle.

Large sizes are more expensive, small ones are cheaper.

All belts are used, in normal condition. There are signs of getting wet on the inner (light) the side of the belt (probably worn in the rain). The front (black) side is fine. Buckles are all standard, with teeth. There are no buckles with a clip.

The condition of all belts that are currently in stock can be seen in the photo below.

How to choose your size?

Put your jacket or pants on, depends on what you want to wear the belt over. Take another belt, tighten comfortly and mark its buckle position. Put it off, lay it flat and measure the marked lenght. Let it assume you got 96 cm. Look to the chart below: 96 cm is in the middle of gap 88-100 cm for belt size 100. You should take this size. 

Divide cm to 2.54 to get inches.

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Next to the "Add to cart" button, you can choose a size of available now. It is impossible to shorten or lengthen the belt due to its original design!