German Empire Prussian steel buckle

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Attention! The manufacturer changes stamps on the buckles from batch to batch. If you need a buckle with particular stamps, mention it in the order, we will choose one for you (if it is in stock).

Attention! Buckles are not painted; due to long-term storage, they may be covered with rust, which is easily and without traces removed by the "rust neutralizer", etc. (soak for an hour). Buckles in any case require painting, otherwise they will rust inside and shine outside. The original buckles were painted in the Feldgrau colour. Aerosol paint in cans for this purpose is sold in our store.

The manufacturer changes the manufacturers stamps on the buckles from run to run. If you need a buckle with a certain stamp, mention it in the order, we will pick it up for you if it is in stock.

The buckle was used during the First World War. The buckle is made of steel and has the correct (mirror) reverse with a massive cast hook. On the buckle is a crown in a circle with the motto Gott mit uns (God is with us) and a laurel wreath. On the reverse side, the same drawing is pressed in, so it is done when stamping metal products. The swivel plate is made as on the original of three parts and riveted on the buckle. The swivel plate is made as on the original of three parts and riveted on the buckle. The picture of the buckle has an unsurpassed resemblance to the original, all the details are very finely worked out, this is the best copy of those existing in our time.

This buckle is suitable for a belt of 45 mm width. In addition to a suitable belt from the First World War era. And it can technically be used with Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe belts, which are sold in this section.

Historical reference.

Originally the box buckles came in a 50mm width until 1895, when the width was reduced to 45mm, in an attempt to lighten the weight load of the field gear. This style of buckle was also used by the Prussian-dominated states of Baden, Oldenburg, Hansa and Thuringia. Initially the buckles were produced of brass with a nickel/silver face plate until 1914 when steel construction buckles were introduced.

The belt for the field uniform was originally of tanned leather, but blackened leather was re-introduced in 1915.

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