Railway (DRB) buckle

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Attention! Buckles bear maker's stamps, but the manufacturer changes them from batch to batch. The absence of stamps is not a reason for discount or flaw! If you need a buckle with stamps, mention it in the order, we will choose the stamped for you (if it is in stock).

Attention! Some shops sell the same buckles as originals. They are cheating, offering the same copy as ours. If a buckle is unavailable to buy, it shall appear at a later date. Watch our web-site later or ask the store about restocking terms.

Imperial Railway buckle (DRB): railway wheel with wings (design, universal for many countries), swastika under it, all in a circle of ropes with the inscription Deutsche Reichsbahn (German Imperial ways). Patent stamp (GES.GESCH.). High-quality copy of aluminum (cast).

The buckle is made of aluminum and is a mold, made from the original buckle (an exact match in details). The pattern is mirrored on the reverse side, as customary for stamped metal products. The rotary bar is made of three parts as originals and is riveted onto the buckle. The bail is massive, cast, made as a whole thing with the buckle and can not be broken.

This buckle fits a 45mm wide belt, it can be technically used with belts, which are for sale in our shop. The buckle is sold without leather pull-tab, as seen in the photo. You can buy the pull-tab from us separately.

Historical reference.

As a rule, leather pull-tab was sewn to the buckle. It bore the manufacturer's marking and, often, the abbreviated name of the unit where the soldier served. The pull-tab was to hold the equipment when the belt was took off, to prevent the equipment from sliding off the belt under its own weight. The aluminum buckle can be used without the pull-tab, the belt + buckle set is ready for wearing. However, this is not true historically.