RKKA shoulder boards: mid-level officers of infantry

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Shoulder boards for Soviet uniform from 1943. For mid-level officers or "srednij komsostav" in Russian. For all lieutenants and captain rank. You need stars and branch emblem to complete the shoulder boards set. You can buy stars and emblems also in our shop.

High-quality copies. Made of olive colour cloth with cotton lining. Shoulder boards bear ink stamps as number 3 (the 3-rd, biggest size). Shoulder board's lenght is 16 cm (6 ⅓ in.).

Price for a set (a pair). You can buy buttons for shoulder boards in our shop too.

Historical reference.

There were four sizes of shoulder boards in Red Army: size 1 = 14 cm (5 ½ in.), 2 = 15 cm, 3 = 16 cm (6 ⅓ in.). Actually size was called "height" in Soviet army. There were also "null" size of 13 см (5 ⅙), but it was intended for women's uniform.