Toque balaclava pipe-scarf mouse gray

12.00 €
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The woolen pipe to protect the throat and back of the head. Every German soldier during the Second World war had one. It stretches well, but does not sprawl, keeps shape. Warm, soft, better than a scarf, because it doesn't untie. Suitable for use outside the reenactment hobby, an indispensable thing for autumn and winter chilly weather. It may be placed even in a shirt pocket when folded.

The color is mouse gray (medium gray with a slight shade of green). The photo below shows a comparison of this shade with the general medium-gray color (we also make toques in this colour).

At the same time the toque may cover both the forehead and the neck, dropping on the shoulders. Weight 90 g. It has a seam.

The cap is present on the photo to explain how to use the toque. The cap is not included in this product.