Sweater jumper with buttons

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How to choose the size?

The original sweaters came only in three sizes: I (small), II and III (large). We have made them in a modern size grid, so that you can better choose the size for yourself. For those who do not compromise and want to wear exactly I, II, or III, we have indicated the correspondence in the table.

In the photo, you can see a person with a chest circumference of 90 cm, shoulder width (according to the t-shirt) of 48 cm. He fits a size 50, which he wears.

To measure the length and volume you need a flexible meter, or at least a string. It can be compared with any sweater or shirt that you have and suits you.
• Chest — the girth of a bare chest recommended for a given size; the size in brackets is the width of the chest on the sweater laid on the floor.
• Shoulders — shoulder width across a sweater lying flat on the floor.
• Sleeve — the length of the sleeve from the shoulder seam, including the cuff.
• Length — the length of the sweater on the back. There are no other lenght-sizes!

The main size of a sweater is shoulder width + sleeve length. You need to choose a size so that the sum of the lengths (sleeve + shoulders + other sleeve) suits you. Other sizes are either dependent on these or given for reference.

Compliance is true for this product only!
Russian sizeGerman sizeChest flat / around, cmShoulders, cmSleeve, cm
Lenght, cm
I54 / 96496764
-55 / 100
II57 / 104
-58 / 108
56III60 / 112
-61 / 116

If you do not understand the table and you need help, write or call us, we will help you find the size.

You can choose and put in the basket only the sizes in stock. If the desired size is not available, then it is currently out of stock. It may appear later.


The copy of a German jumper sweater from World war II. The color is dark, not ashy; the wool is melange (that is, it consists of fibers that are different in hue: lighter, darker). There are cold green stripes on the collar and cuffs.

Composition 50% wool + 50% acrylic. Thanks to its composition, the sweater keeps its shape well and serves for a long time, it can be washed in the washing machine (in the "wool"mode).

For those who think that 50% of wool in the product is not enough:
1) 100% wool can not be washed in the mashine. Only hand wash in cold water, drying in the straightened form, the products are "one-use".
2) When you are told about 70% or 90% of the wool in the product, it is most likely not true. You can determine the amount of wool only by the factory marking on the yarn (which is confirmed by certificates), from which the product is then woven. And vice versa, it is impossible to determine the % of fibers by eye or by improvised means, for this purpose a laboratory analysis is needed. You can only tell if there are supplements or not. But they can write any "nice" % of wool in the ad, so it is stupid to believe this.

We honestly report the composition of the fiber by marking on the yarn.