Generic WhH collar tabs M38 folded

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Generic or common tabs (mod. 1940) — for field uniform of the Wehrmacht, for all branches. Gray-beige base and dull green stripes. Most often found on jackets, produced in 1941-1945.

The price is for a couple of collar tabs (kit for one jacket).

These BeVo collar tabs (woven) are the total copy of the originals. Original "Litzen" were made in the form of a tape, and before sewing they were cut and bent in a special way to get "reels". It takes a lot of skill! Our collar-tabs are already bent and sewn onto the substrate. It will not be difficult to sew them to the collar.

How to sew the collar tabs?

First, apply a collar tab to the collar and place evenly. Approximately 1 cm from the edges of the collar and parallel to these edges. After that fix the tabs with a bright thread (which is then removed) or glue. After that start to sew them straight machine stitching on the long sides, using grey or beige thread. Sew the remaining parts with tiny stitches over the edge. The thread is placed along the strips on the buttonhole, so the stitches will be invisible and neat.

Historical reference.

It was common for the German army and military industry to use already produced parts completely out, even after the official replacement was issued. This rule could be traced in everything, it did't pass the collar tabs too. After the introduction of common collar tabs they kept sewing previous model of tabs with colored stripes, and this lasted mass until 1940 year (judging by photos and original uniform pieces, that we can study today). Respectively you can see the generic tabs mod. 1938 on the jackets produced from 1940 to 1941 (then it was a model 1940 with Feldgrau collars) most often, though distinctive dark green stripes planned for the dark green collars of jackets mod. 1936).

Inexperienced reenactors often don't know this historical fact and are guided by a simplified scheme: jacket 1940 means eagle and tabs 1940. That's is correct in general, but not typical for the selected period.