Shovel spade German WWII copy

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Rectangular flat small shovel, the German WW2 model. The shovel is forged from steel (hardness HRC 45-48), covered with black paint, like the original. The handle is made of ash, covered with varnish. The rivets that attach the wood to the shovel on the originals were usually sanded flush with the handle after riveting. On this copy, they are convex, but it is not difficult to modify.

Pre-war shovels were usually riveted, but by the middle of the war more often began to appear welded (spot welding). This is the method of attachment presented here. The shovel has the TSR43 stamp corresponding to this model.

We sell similar original shovels in our store and can say that the similarity is very high (must say that the originals are made less carefully).

Weight 780 g, length 53 cm, blade size 18.5 × 14.5 cm.