Mess-tin like German 1931

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Original aluminum mess-tin made for the Romanian army. Almost completely copies the German 1931 model and has a gray-green color exactly like on German mess-tins. It can be used in the reenactment of the WW2 German  as a non-expensive replacement for the original mess-tin or for film production.

It has only minor differences from the the German example. The ears (fixing of the wire handle) are made slightly differently. The handle of the plate (lid) has a bar for the leather strap not as a separate part, but integrated.

The mess-tins may have minor paint chips and dents caused during storage in warehouses. Otherwise, it is practically a new mess-tin.

Our mess-tin is 2 times cheaper than the original German one. In addition, the originals are often very shabby, without paint (or in artisanal repainting), dirty, smoked, etc. And this pot had stock storage.