Chicken wire net mesh Normandy 1.5 mm

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Our wire net copies original samples and is suitable for reenactment. It fits any helmet. To install it, you need to bend all hooks over the rim of the helmet, and then pull and twist the central wire with pliers, shaping the net. Paint can get scratched, yes. The original helmets were also scratched under the wire net.

The net is made of baked (soft) wire 1.5 millimeters thick.

The helmet is shown for the illustration of the installed wire net, the helmet is not included in the price of the net. We do not install nets, we only sell nets.

Historical reference.

The main difficulty with such grids for reenactors is that a cheaper grid technology "Rabitz" (named after the German inventor Carl Rabitz) is widespread and twisted cell net is difficult to obtain. Wire links of the Rabitz net are not twisted, and it cannot be "stretched" over the helmet.

The original French and Belgian grids of the 1930s-40s, which the Germans were tearing off from the fences and fastened on their helmets were 1.5 mm thick and with a cell width of 5-6 cm. Some modern twisted nets of the same design are used for arranging stone embankments. Some of them have appropriate cell size, but not enough wire thickness (0.4-0.5 mm) and it does not look authentic, like a cobweb on a helmet; or the correct wire thickness of 1.5 mm, but about 15 cm cell, in which the helmet almost fall through...

Do not buy sleaze, buy the correct wire net from us!