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Buckle of the Civil Air Defense (Luftschutz): an organization that existed before, during and after the war, which dealt with the help of air defense, the coordination of civilians during raids and liquidation of the consequences of raids. Winged swastika with the inscription Luftschutz. No stamps. High-quality copy from aluminum (cast).

There are simplified copies on the market, where the bar and the bail are made in another cheaper way (the bail made of a wire is on an aluminum buckle, the bar is cast by one detail). Such simplified copies are thrown money, because they do not copy but only roughly mimic the design of the original buckle. Sometimes they try to sell parade buckles instead of military ones, there the central image is on the disc fixed by small stipes or soldered. Such surrogates cannot be used in reenactment. Our buckle completely copies the original. The pattern has 100% similarity because it is a mold from the original buckle.

This buckle fits a 45mm wide belt, it can be technically used with Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe belts, which are for sale in our shop.

The buckle is sold unpainted and without leather pull-tab, as seen in the photo. You can buy the paint and pull-tab from us separately.

Historical reference.

Buckles for the SS troops were produced until 1940 not only from aluminum, but also from nickel silver (or so-called German silver). Since 1940 they began to make steel buckles. However, aluminum ones were issued to the troops until their stocks ran out. Alu buckles could be seen at the front until 1942.

As a rule, leather pull-tab was sewn to the buckle. The tab is usual for steel buckles somewhere until 1942, and then it was abolished. It bore the manufacturer's marking (most often in the RZM/SS code — accredited manufacturers of equipment for SS). The pull-tab was to hold the equipment if the belt was took off, to prevent the equipment from sliding off the belt under its own weight. The buckle can be used without the pull-tab, the belt + buckle set is ready for wearing.