German army towel

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A nice item for a collection or reenactment  — hand and face towel. This is a copy of towels, which were given to the soldiers of the German forces during the WW2. White well-absorbing fabric with red stripes on the sides. Size 50x70 cm.

We have towels for different troops (price depents on stamps). Please choose before purchase:
• stamp H. U. (Heeres unterkunft — "accomodation places of the land forces") for the Heer;
• stamp H. U. (Heeres unterkunft — "accomodation places of the land forces") and the coat of arms of the Third Reich (eagle with swastika) for the Heer;
• stamp V.A. 1939 (SS property stamp) for the Waffen-SS;
• stamp V.A. 1939 and Eigentum der Waffen-SS (SS property stamps) for the Waffen-SS;
• with the symbol of the air forces of the Third Reich (flying eagle with swastika) and abbreviation Fl.U.V. (stamp of the Luftwaffe property) for the Luftwaffe.