Ribbon belt for winter jackets

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A copy of the tape, which was used as a belt and cuff-straps on winter jackets of the Wehrmacht and SS. The width of the tape is 3 cm, the tape is pale green on one side and white on the other. Woven tape is made as a whole piece, and not sewn from two pieces of different colours, as on cheaper copies. The ends of the tape were usually tucked 2 times and sewn with a longitudinal stitch. At the end of the war (especially on SS jackets), the ends were tucked 1 time and secured with a zigzag seam directly along the cut.

The tape was not a rigid strap, it was just a tape, quite soft and thin, so that it could pull off the jacket, but so that it did not disturb under the waist belt.

Price is for 1 meter. You need from 1.6 to 2.5 meters for 1 winter jacket, depending on the size and whether you put the tape on the cuffs or only on the waist. When buying 1 reel (50 meters), we offer a wholesale price.

We recommend to use a hot stamp when cutting the buttonholes in the tape.