SS mountain troops' insignia — Edelweiss

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Patches for SS mountain units, famous Jäger's Edelweiss.

Flower in the oval 8x6, 5 cm was worn on the right sleeve (above the elbow, the upper point of the oval is below the shoulder seam by 16 cm). The insignia 7x5 cm where the flower lies horizontally is designed for the cap (the patch with Edelweiss was worn on the left lapel of the mountain cap). The patches are embroidered with white thread and are intended for privates and sergeants — up to the title SS-Sturmscharführer (literally: leader of the attacking company, foreman).

Historical reference.

Mountain troops were elite units, their training took a lot of time and labor. In addition to the unique elements of uniforms (caps, shoes, pants made of special material), they wore signs with the image of a mountain flower Edelweiss on the uniform. 

SS insignia had black background (while insignia on a dark green background was used in the Wehrmacht). Mountain units of the SS were instituted later than in the Wehrmacht Heer.