Tank assault badge silver

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The badge is cast and has an attractive silver finish. Fastened with a pin. Manufacturer's stamp on the reverse side.

We offer badges with different silvering options:
- light silver,
- silver with a patina (dark "old" silver).

Comparison of the color "silver" and "silver + patina" is given below, silver is lighter.

The silvering option should be selected next to the "Add to cart" button before ordering. If an option is not there, it means this item currently sold out.

Historical reference.

Established by Colonel-General von Brauchitsch on December 20, 1939 to award Panzerwaffe tankers, by analogy with an infantry badge. The sketch of the sign was designed by the Berlin company Ernst Peekhaus.

The sign was awarded for:
- participation in three or more separate attacks;
- getting injured during a combat operation;
- manifestation of special courage during a combat operation.

Silver badge was intended to award tankers. And on June 6, 1940, for the crews of self-propelled guns, armored vehicles and for soldiers of infantry units of tank divisions, the "bronze" version of the award was approved.

Source: wikipedia.org