Luftwaffe radio operator and shooter badge

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The badge is made by casting, two parts (a wreath and an eagle) are connected by rivets, just like on the original. The silver finish was lit up, partially visible, the sign "aged". Fastened with a pin. On the pin is the stamp L / 12.

Historical reference.

The breastbadge "Shooter and Flight Radist" (Fliegerschützenabzeichen für Bordfunke) was established on August 12, 1936 by Reich Minister of the Luftwaffe Reichsmarshal Hermann Göring. Qualification marks were awarded to graduates of aviation schools who successfully completed training in the specialization of flight crews, flight engineers (flight mechanics), and flight assistants. To pass the qualification requirements for the badge, candidates were given to complete a two-month regulatory course or take part in five combat missions. If during the operational (combat) departure of the air gunners, the flight mechanic, the flight attendant were injured, then the rewarding with the qualification mark took place ahead of time.