Anti-partisan badge in silver

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Stamped badge with a silver coating. A wreath of oak leaves, on which a sword is placed, immersed in a ball of snakes. Below the snakes is a skull. On the guard of the sword is a round swastika.

We offer badges with different silvering options:
- light silver,
- silver with a patina (dark "old" silver).

Comparison of the color "silver" and "silver + patina" is given below, silver is lighter.

The silvering option should be selected next to the "Add to cart" button before ordering. If an option is not there, it means this item currently sold out.

Historical reference.

The anti-partisan badge was established in January 1944 as a reward for the SS troops and the police, but was available to other military branches. The award was received for active actions against partisans.

According to the statute, it had 3 degrees:
- bronze for 20 days of fight,
- silver for 50 days of fight,
- golden for 100 days of fight.

The badge could have been awarded by the supreme commanders of the SS troops and the police, as well as parts of the German army. Golden badges handed directly by the Reichsfuhrer of the SS Himmler.