Winter jacket parka Marsh/Swamp 1944-45

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Exact replica of German Wehrmacht 1944-45 reversible winter parka. One side is white and another is camouflaged. This parka is a part of German winter uniform set along with similar pants. Dense fabric and historically correct insulation. No synthepon or modern materials as an insulation! Germans collected old clothes from cloth, cotton and viscose, crushing it by the special machine and made a cloth (like a bad quality blanket). Such a cloth they used for insulating clothes.

We offer a responsibly copied example from German samples. Templates developed "from scratch" by order and under the control of the shop "Replica". Items were sewn at the factory by professionals using serious sewing equipment. This high-quality copy is designed and sold in the shop "Replica" only.

We accurately followed all original details during reproducing. High-quality buttons are sewn, buttonholes' treatment as on German originals. The model features straight-cut pocket flaps and elbow reinforcements. Pockets are accessible from both winter and summer side. Pocket valves are 4-pointed, as usual for the winter uniform of the Wehrmacht. Glass (plastic) buttons on winter side (white respectively), and shaped granular aluminum — on the pockets, Feldgrau color painted. The cuff is adjustable with a strap and 2 buttons.

Parka is ink marked: size, producer's code (RB.Nr.) and date X44 (October 1944).

How to choose size?

Size of jackets is suitable to the size of the pants, i.e. buy the jacket and pants in one size. If you wear size 52, then you need to buy 52, you shouldn't take the next larger size "for the winter form", everything is already added. The normal height for the jackets and pants is 180 cm. The height is not so unimportant for pants, because they are worn over boots (or tucked inside). Germans generally had only 3 sizes. We did 5, considering the requirements of the modern reenactor.

You can choose the size remotely by choosing the size of the table itself. You will need a flexible meter or at least a rope. Measure similar winter jacket that fits you. Size description:

• Chest around — the recommended bare chest circumference if you wear the parka over a sweater and a field jacket; in brackets — the maximum chest circumference that will fit into a jacket of this size (without sweater and jacket).
• Flat between armpits — the breast of the jacket measured flat between armpits; the same size is maximum waist size if waist strap is fully dissolved.
• Sleeve lenght — from the shoulder seam down.
• From neck to bottom — from the collar seam down.
• Shoulder lenght — from the collar to the shoulder seam.
• Between shoulders — the width of the shoulders between the sleeve seams; along the shoulder seams, and behind the neck.

All measurements are in centimeters. Devide numbers to 2,54 to have inches.

Measurements (in centimeters)
Flat between
From neck
to bottom
4896 (106)6459741750
50100 (110)666175,51852,5
52104 (114)6863771955
54108 (118)706578,52057,5
56112 (122)7267802160

You can choose a size from those we have in stock. If your size is not available, means it's not in stock now.

Historical reference.

There were some variations of "Marsh" camouflage (original name: Sumpftarn, also Swamp in English). The first appeared in 1943, it was essentially a "Splinter" with blurred edges and warmer color scheme. At the same time appeared a "blurred Splinter" in standard colors. And to 1944 "Swamp" began to be shapeless. We used this type here.