Filled steel dog-tag ID disk (many variants)

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Replicas of German soldiers' dog-tags (ID disks) made of steel. Copies from existing tags. Some have inscriptions on both sides (double-sided filling).

Explanation of information on dog-tags:

• 2./INF.G.E.BTL WAFFEN-SS — 2 companiy of the reserve infantry-grenadier regiment of the Waffen-SS, the original of such a token was found near Murmansk. Double-sided (WAFFEN-SS inscription on the back).

• Stb./14.Gal.SS-Frw.Div. — the headquarters of the 14th (volunteer) division of the SS "Galicia" (1st Ukrainian).

• AUSB.U.ERS.BTL.LETT.SS-FRW.DIV. — the dog-tag of the replenishment (training and reserve battalion) of the Latvian (volunteer) SS division (15th SS division, it is also the 1st Latvian). Latvian volunteers in the SS.

• 9./SS-A.A.u.E.R. WAFFEN-SS — 9th battery of the SS training and reserve artillery regiment. On the back of the token is the inscription WAFFEN-SS. The regiment was created in May 1943 by renaming the existing reserve artillery regiment of the SS, located in München, and was transferred to Prague-Ruzin. The regiment consisted of two light and one heavy battalions (I., II. Leichte, III. Schwere Abteilung).

• 6./PZ.ERS.ABT.18 — 6 company of the 18th reserve tank regiment of the Wehrmacht. The regiment was created May 1, 1941 in Böblingen (Böblingen) with the union of 7 and 11 tank regiments and 5, 78 and 215 anti-tank companies. The regiment was subordinated to the 155 (motorized) division of the Wehrmacht. October 1, 1942 was divided into Panzer-Ausbildungs-Abteilung 18 and Panzer-Ersatz-Abteilung 18, and from April 1, 1943 it was merged again. All the units where the soldiers came for practice named training (Ausbildung) or reserve (Ersatz). There the dog-tags were given, with these tokens the soldiers then went to the front. The token, as a rule, was not changed during service.

• I./Pz.R.8 — 1st battalion of the 8th tank regiment. The regiment fought in Europe, Africa, where the remains surrendered to the Americans in 1943.

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