Lend-lease egg powder

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A copy of the packaging of egg powder, which was supplied to the USSR as a measure of military assistance "lend-lease". A 5-ounce package (about 140 grams) replaces 12 eggs. The preparation is compact and easy to use: you need to add water, then fry, and it will be an omelet.

- 4 tablespoons of egg powder,
- 8 tablespoons of water
- salt, pepper, herb to taste.

Inside the package is egg powder, modern, suitable for eating. Package dimensions 13x10x6 cm, weight about 180 g.

What is egg powder? These are natural chicken eggs that were turned into a mass and then sprayed in a special chamber at a high temperature to dry. That is, in fact, it is dried chicken eggs.

Limitation of seller’s liability.

The ration consists of real edible products of industrial production (with the replacement of factory packaging for historical). All components were packaged usable (within the expiration date). The expiration dates on the historical packaging (if any) are given in terms of historical compliance, and have nothing to do with the actual expiration dates of the products inside. You need to understand that this rations is primarily a game element, props, and only then a set that can be used for its intended purpose. Also, other products for reenactment, although they are full-fledged, are primarily focused on creating the appearance and sensation of use. That is, the appearance and properties of the goods for reenactment are close to the original, however, the goods for reenactment did not pass special testing for use in the army or during military operations (for example, a game helmet will not protect from fragments in a real battle).

The decision on the use of the ration as a food is made by the buyer, assessing the condition of the products and the age of the purchase. By purchasing this product, you declare that you have read and agree to the seller’s liability limitation.

Historical reference.

Sergey Golitsyn — a descendant of a Russian princely family, who passed the entire war as a military Builder, in his book "Notes of the man without shoulder boards" ("Записки беспогонника" you can read it in Russian or using an automated translator by clicking on the title, this is the link) several times mentions this egg powder. He writes that at the beginning of the war, food in the second echelon troops was scarce, and American aid helped, although it was not highly valued (in terms of taste).

And by 1944, the issue of food began to be successfully resolved in two directions: improved own supply, plus the opportunity to work for food to the local population. By that time, egg powder was still being supplied to the troops along with American canned pork, but people only used it if there was no other food.