V-day set (babies)

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Size 56 is cheaper that others. Suits measured AS DESCRIBED, they are not small.

Delivery to Russia and Eurasian Customs Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan) from 1 day, to any country from 3 days (excluding the day of payment, depends on how far is the adressee from big cities, depends on shipping price — please write or call first if you want priority shipping).

This suit was specially designed for Victory day. It is nice for holiday demonstrations or photosets. We used cotton jercey fabric of dark-green colour, original army golden or green buttons with the star (depends on a batch) and enameled red star for the side-cap.

You buy 2 pieces in one lot: sleep-suit and side-cap. Buttons and the star made of metal and we strongly recommend to watch your baby when it wears our suit. The suit is created for photosets, walks and holidays with parents watching. There are suits without solid details for sleep or play.

Size is height of a child in centimeters. Divide cm to 2.54 to get inches.