Smoking pipe original 1940s

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Smoking is harmful to health and prohibited for minors!

The smoking pipe is original, made of wood with a removable plastic mouthpiece. The size of the smoking pipe is about 12 cm long, fits in a bread bag or jacket pocket.

Made in the first half of the 20th century. The tube is stamped HAKLI Bruyèra.

Smoking a pipe gives an extraordinary charm and allows you to dive deeper into the atmosphere of wartime. The smoking pipe is interesting from a historical point of view. It will be nice to have such a pipe as a war trophy in your collection and show your friends. For military reenactment (game simulation of battle) it will be very stylish to have such a tube with you.

Historical reference.

Smoking pipes was common among Wehrmacht soldiers, which explains their rather large variety. List of famouse smoking pipe brands (not comprehensive):