Pole rack for German shelter-quarter Zeltbahn

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Original pole for the German cape-tent or Zeltbahn. Made of wood with metal blued tips, fastened with nails. The exact production date is unknown. Model 1901 poles are suitable for the 1st and 2nd World Wars reenactment.

See the tab "Historical reference" on the history of this garment and its variants.

We have 37 cm and 38 cm poles. They can not be distinguished from each other without a ruler. It is believed that the Germans used shorter poles during the Second World War.

The tent set usually included 2 stakes, 1 part of the pole and a rope. Price for one pole part.

Historical reference.

The original German drawing and an example of the original poles. Picture from sichrgt195.blogspot.com

An example of a set of accessories for 1 shelter quarter or the Zeltbahn (without a cover): 2 WW1 stakes, 1 part of the pole and a rope. Picture from fjm44.com