Eckstein №5 sigarettes w/o filter (package set)

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The package "Eckstein №5" is a  pack of chalk-overlay cardboard with an inner liner. It contains 6 sheets of cigarette paper with the brand seal of the factory. In addition, a copy of the Third Reich excise stamp is included, which should keep the pack sealed.

The kit does not include tobacco. The photo of cigarettes with tobacco shows what a pack completely assembled from our set looks like. You can make cigarettes yourself, using a standard machine for twisting and loose tobacco to your taste.

Eckstein №5 were the most famous cigarettes of the German army during the Second World war. Cigarettes have been produced from the 1930-s by the factory Eckstein-Halpaus in Dresden, which still works nowdays.

Now, during the reenactment (imitative war-game) you can share authentic cigarettes, when sitting in trenches and pressing your head into your shoulders each time, the enemy shell strikes!