German soldier sewing kit

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A copy of the sewing kit of the German army during the Second World war. Made of thick green fabric, fastens with a button. On the cover the inscription Kameradenhilfe ("kameraden/Hilfe" — friendly help). It weights just 50 gramms.

Needle set (Nadelsortiment) and a large needle for darning socks;
Set of threads of different colors in authentic flat windings with inscriptions;
4 different original buttons (for jacket, equipment and underwear);
A thimble.

The necessary thing, as Germans say "muss sein" (must have, literally "must be").

The color of the pouch and the components of the set (threads, buttons) may differ from the photo, remaining within the historical correspondence; different batches = different colors. You can always ask for a photo of your future set by contacting us in any way.