Field pants trousers 1942

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The main clothes of the German soldier of the Second World War after 1942. Pants are made of Feldgrau cloth. Used by the Heer and the SS.

The lining is white cotton, steel buttons. The cloth is slightly thicker than it was in the original, but for consumer properties it is rather better.

How to choose size?

To choose the size you need other pants that suit you. It is necessary to measure the waist and length.
• The waist on these pants is not too high and is at the navel level. The waist should be measured on a naked body with a flexible meter or string. Waist in the table is the maximum. Since the pants have straps at the back, it's absolutely normal to take pants for smaller to 5 cm waist size then in the table. We do not recommend to take the skin close waist. Tight trousers is good and beautiful when a person is quietly standing. For active movements, squat, you should have a room at waist.
• We measure the length of the outer side seam and do not forget that low ends are tucked into boots, that is, they must end on the side knuckles level.

Pants should first sit down at the waist. People with growth below 170 and above 190 cm should also check lenght.

Measurements (in centimeter)

Compliance of measurements is true for this product only! Divide centimeters by 2,54 to get inches. If you do not understand this table and you need help, write or call us, we will help you find the size.

You can choose a size that we have in stock. If the desired size is not available for, then it is not currently in stock.

Historical reference.

Pants that appeared in 1943 were designed to be worn with lace-boots: they were narrowed at the bottom (they didn’t have to be wrapped around legs to fit into high-boots) and had heel pads (which prevented the pants from falling out from the bootlegs).

Also, the pants got a wide waist with loops for a trouser belt, but did not lose the opportunity to wear suspenders (buttons for fastening remained).