Splinter camo trousers pants 1943-45

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Pants from the "Splinter" suit. Officially, a suit consisting of a jacket and trousers in camouflage “Splinter” did not exist, however, the officers and military specialists (for example, drivers) could order the tailoring of such suits in private. Photos confirming the wearing of similar suits (of different cut) are available.

2 side pockets, front pocket for a watch/compass. Pants can be worn with a belt or suspenders (you may have to sew more buttons to wear suspenders, buttons can be purchased from us or simply use conventional plastic). 2 tabs with buckles at the back for waist tightening (not recommended to take pants with the "skin-close" waist, otherwise it can be difficult to bend wearing them). The pants-legs have tabs; their ends go in the slots at the bottom of the leg. They do not allow pants-legs to lift up and pull them on the ankle at the same time.

How to choose your size?

To measure your waist you should use a flexible meter, or at least a rope. You can compare data from table below with any pants that you have and that fit you.

• Maximum waist — the maximum girth of a bare waist that will fit into these pants. Waistband is pulled down by 12 cm with two strips on sides. We strictly do not advise taking the pants "skin-close" (otherwise it is difficult to bend over them), your girth should be 2-5 cm below the maximum for the selected size. By the way, the belt of these pants is high, and you need to measure your waist at the navel;

• Pants length — the full length of the pants along the outer seam. The ends of the pants are tucked into boots or Gamaschen, so the pants should end at ankles. If you are higher than 180 cm, your pants may seem short, but in fact this is not important, because the ends of the trousers are always in boots, they are not visible. We never have pants of another length!

The main size of the pants is the waist circumference. You need to start with it. Other sizes either depend on it or are listed for reference. If you choose the size according to the principle “well, I wear L”, then you can be mistaken, because L is a conditional size, which means simply “large”.

Compliance is true for this product only!
Iternational sizeJeans sizeRussian sizeMaximum girth, cmPants lenght, cm

If you do not understand the table and you need help, write or call us, we will help you to find the size.

You can choose the size you need from those in the list near "Add to Cart" button. If we don't have any size, you won't find it there. Other sizes may appear later.

Historical reference.

Dot suits were used in the Waffen-SS from March 1944 on. Original "Dot" pants (in good condition) is estimated at $3000 among collectors. Prices are rising.