Stamp/seal of rubber for RKKA USSR unifroms

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Proven quality stamp. We use such by ourselves when take goods to the warehouse.

Be careful, do not be fooled! Our stamps are made from rubber, not from a cheap disposable material that is commonly used to make office seals. The seals are designed to work with water-based inks, and quickly get out of order from other inks. And our stamps allow you to use alcohol and solvent based paints and are designed for long use.

Price for any stamp, for 1 pc. The price depends on the size of the stamp. We offer the following standard stamps for Soviet military clothes:

• Year 1941. A stamp for the Red Army clothes "Sewing Factory named after the 23rd anniversary of the October", year 41. By the way, there were a lot of factories and artels named after some kind of anniversary of October throughout the USSR. The big letter P stands for size or height (Р — "размер" or "рост" in Russian), next to it is a field for size number. Numbers in the same style as the letter P are sold separately also here. Size is approximately 7×3 cm.

• The same with year 1943. There was a reform in military uniforms in 1943 in the Red Army, so many things simply can not be stamped with1941.

• Numbers for size and height. The size and style correspond to the stamps described above (the height is approximately 1.5 cm). You can choose any number (for example, the number 4 as height 4 or the numbers 5 and 0 as size 50). We sell numbers by one, not the whole set! 

• NKLP RSFSR. This is the People's Commissariat of Light Industry of the RSFSR (Народный Комиссариат Лёгкой Промышленности РСФСР). That means (in modern terms) that the item was made according to the plan of the ministry of light industry of the Russian republic in the USSR. The size is not large, only 2.5×1 cm.

Stamps that are in stock can be selected next to the Add to Cart button. If they are not in the list, it means that they are sold out and will be later. We can also make a stamp by order.

How to use stamps?

The stamp is designed for use with paints on all popular solvents, for example, on alcohol or acetone. There are special indelible inks for stamps, but in fact, you can use any "chemistry" and also ink. The paint is applied to a piece of fabric (or a special pillow for stamps), then touch this fabric with a stamp, and the paint goes to the stamp. It is important to ensure that the paint is only on letters / numbers, and not on the basis of a stamp, so there won't be excess dirt on the print. You can practice on old fabric to achieve the desired result. Then press the stamp with the paint to the “finishing” fabric, hold for 2-3 seconds so that the paint is absorbed and the print is ready!

To make a stamp to order?

It is possible, but be ready to provide a layout: a vector model (file in curves). Or it will be necessary to pay us for the development of the layout from 1000₽ / $15 (if just change the information on one of our stamps) to 10.000₽ / $150 (make a layout with a unique font and/or logo).