Late strap for field bottle 1931

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The field bottle in the photo is for demonstration of the product, the strap described below is sold only.

Strap for standard 0.8 l field bottle mod. 1931 made of genuine leather, painted in black on smooth side only. It has a steel unpainted hook, corresponding to the models that appeared since 1940, though all metal parts were usually painted with light gray enamel (or rarely green) on WW2 straps . The strap is stitched with black threads, as it should be, has rolling along the edges of leather parts. The place for the lid is prepared: a steel grommet is installed, the lid itself is absent.

Among the shortcomings the metal frame near the buckle can be specified. During the war, it was a leather detail. Otherwise a very good copy of the strap for feild bottles, produced from 1940 onwards.

The strap can be used with 1 liter also, because the difference between straps 0.8 and 1 liter is only 1.5 cm in length.

Historical reference.

Straps to the German army field bottles of pre-war production were of very high quality. With the beginning of the war the cost of production began to reduce. First of all steel parts (painted in gray or light gray) began to be used. By the middle of the war more thin straps of leather with smooth surface and even pig skin appeared (pig skin has skin surface with pores). The steel hardware was painted in different shades of green and even black. At the end of the war there were straps of two parts (front and back), which allowed a little bit skin saving without making major changes to the product.