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Belt for trousers model 1943 (Keilhose) or other trousers, that have loops  at the waist for a belt.

Made of thick canvas sling, with a buckle and a leather strap for fastening at the ends. Leather details are brown.

How to choose your size?

You need to put on pants that you are going to wear a belt over. Take a different belt, tighten to comfortably hold and notice the position of the buckle. Remove, unfold your belt and measure the length in centimeters. The size of the belt should be about 10 cm larger than what you got. For example, it turned out 82 cm, so the suitable belt size is 90 cm.

Not all sizes available at the same time. Next to the "Buy" button are only those sizes that you can buy now. We try to have them there more ... The size of the belt you need to choose before buying. If in doubt, we will help you find the size, call us or write. It is impossible to shorten / lengthen the belt due to the design features!