Leather trousers belt with grain buckle of Bundeswehr

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Trouser belt of German Bundeswehr (army of West Germany at the end of the twentieth century). Made from thick genuine bull leather, painted in black. Metallic silver buckle. The belts are not new, but in very good condition (4 points out of 5). The length of the belt is approximately equal to the maximum waist circumference in centimeters. The belt has a margin of +2 cm due to the length of the buckle (that is, the belt 100 can actually be pulled on the girth of 102 cm).

How to choose your size?

Put your pants on, which you want to wear the belt over. Take another belt, tighten comfortly and mark its buckle position. Put it off, lay it flat and measure the marked lenght. Let it assume you got 89 cm. 1 inch = 2,54 cm. Then the belt of 90 cm will suit you. The belt of 100 cm will also fit, but the tip will dangle and you will have to tuck it all the time. No need to take a belt with a large margin, it is not convenient.