Firemen buckle

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The buckle fits 45mm wide belt, it can be used with Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe belts, which are sold in this section. Buckle, worn on the belt, shown in the photo (belt sold separately).

The buckle of firemen with the images of rescue equipment in the center (helmet, ax, ladder and rope) and with the motto of the firemen: "Gott zur Ehr dem nächsten zur Wehr", which can be translated as "save the neighbor to the glory of God"). The rest surface of the buckle has "orange peel" (small bumps) finish against highlighting.

The buckle is made presumably of steel and has a thin metallic coating of silvery color. The buckle fully corresponds the famous Gott Mit Uns buckle to the size and method of wearing, but does not bear any symbolics, it is absolutely neutral, it can be worn as civilian buckle every day. The rotary bar is made of three parts and is riveted onto the buckle, as it should be.

The buckle is made in Germany on the original equipment.

Historical reference.

There are some opinions for "smooth" buckles. Some say these were for the Condor Legion in Spain. Others - that for penal battalions... We believe this is a good buckle for wearing with a German belt in public: without attracting too much attention.