LfW aluminum buckle 2nd model

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This product is intended for military-historical reenactment (immersive stydy of history); for creating costumes for theatrical and film, video plays condemning Nazism and fascism; as well as for exhibiting in museums of military history. This product is not propaganda of ideas and criminals convicted by an International Military Tribunal, and should not be used for such a purpose! The photos have been edited in accordance with the requirements of the law.

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The buckle is made of aluminum. The buckle of the air force of the Third Reich (airplane crews, anti-aircraft gunners, paratroopers, Luftwaffe field divisions etc.). Flying eagle with a swastika in its claws in a wreath of laurel leaves. The same pattern is pressed in on the reverse side, as is customary for stamped metal products. The rotary bar is made of three parts as originals and is riveted onto the buckle. The bail is massive, cast, made as a whole thing with the buckle and can not be broken. There are simplified copies on the market, where the bar and the bail are made in another cheaper way (the bail made of a wire is on an aluminum buckle, the bar is cast by one detail). Such simplified copies are thrown money, because they do not copy but only roughly mimic the design of the original buckle. Sometimes they try to sell parade buckles instead of military ones, there the central image is on the disc fixed by small stipes or soldered. Such surrogates cannot be used in reenactment. Our buckle completely copies the original. The pattern has 100% similarity because it is a mold from the original buckle.

This buckle fits a 45mm wide belt, it can be technically used with Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe belts, which are for sale in our shop.

The buckle is sold unpainted and without leather pull-tab, as seen in the photo. You can buy the paint and pull-tab in our shop separately.

Buckles may be without stamps or with other stamps than in the photo. The manufacturer periodically changes the stamps on the buckles. The absence of stamps is not a reason for a discount or flaw. If you need a buckle with a certain stamp, mention it in the order, we will find it for you, if it is in our warehouse.

Historical reference.

The 2nd model of the aluminum Luftwaffe buckle appeared before the war and replaced the 1st model. And in 1940 it was replaced with a steel buckle of the same design.

However, aluminum buckles issued to troops for some time, until their stocks are exhausted. Aluminum buckles more often than others were seen at the front before 1942.

A leather tongue with a manufacturer's stamp was usually sewn to an aluminum buckle. Sometime an abbreviated name of the unit was written or stamped there. The tongue was needed to hold the equipment when the belt is off and the equipment begins to slide off under its weight. The buckle may be used without the tongue, the belt + buckle is a complete set for wearing. However, alu buckle without a tongue is not true historically.