Shoulder board of the SS senior officers for the black uniform

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Shoulder board of high SS highest-rank commanders from Sturmbannführer, Obersturmbannführer to Standartenführer, for the black uniform of the Allgemeine SS. Such shoulder straps were used from 1932 (the year of the introduction of the black service uniform) and until 1938 (when the system of ranks and insignia was brought as close as possible to the army). The shoulder boards of all these ranks were identical, indicating that they belonged to the senior officers, and the exact rank was recognized by the collar tabs.

Made of silver brushed wire with a black cloth lining. The size is approximately 14×4 cm.

Price for 1 piece. Shoulder straps on the SS service uniform were worn on 1 piece per uniform, on the right shoulder (as in the SA).