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How to choose the size?

The product will be ready for shipping within 1 to 2 months after payment, after which all the goods you ordered will be sent to your address in one parcel. It is better to order ready-made goods from the warehouse separately, then we will send them immediately.

You can choose the size remotely. You will need a flexible meter or at least a rope. Measure similar (civilian) jacket or overcoat that fits you. Size description:

• Sleeve length — from the shoulder seam down in a straight line, maximum lenght.
• Back height — from the collar (excluding the collar) down in a straight line.
• Between shoulders — between the sleeves' seams: along the shoulder seams and behind the neck.

The jacket should sit by shoulder width and sleeve lenght. The jacket waist should be fitted around the figure by a tailor due to tucks on the back.

Measurements in centimeters

Mid-back to caff767880828486

Measurements in inches

Mid-back to cuff

Compliance of measurements is true for this product only! Divide centimeters by 2,54 to get inches. If you do not understand this table and you need help, write or call us, we will help you find the size.


Replica of a German motorcyclist's overcoat (Kradmantel) from World War II. Dense fabric protects from wind.

Such overcoats were more often used in Africa, Southern Europe and southern Russia. In other directions of the front, raincoats made of rubberized fabric were more common. With the help of buttons at the bottom of the raincoat, the floors could be tucked up and fastened to the belt, it was convenient while riding a motorcycle.