Side cap Germany 1934

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The cap of the 1934 model is the main headdress of the Heer soldier. It was also used in the SS before the introduction of a cap of its own design in 1940 (similar to the Luftwaffe cap). Feldgrau cloth, khaki cotton lining. Metal edging of the vent hole is black or feldgrau.

The color of the materials may differ from what is shown in the picture, but it always remains within the historical correspondence. We are always ready to take a picture of your product at your request. 

Insignias usually are the Heer eagle and cockade and a piece of braid of the branch colour above the cockade like a triangle (disappeared during the war). Insignias can be purchased separately in our shop.

There are many styles of wearing a cap: as a hat, on the side, on the back of the head, etc. However, the only correct way was to wear it completely on the head with an indentation above the ears of 1 and 3 cm, respectively.