Afrika collar tabs WH

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Generic or common collar tabs (since 1940) — for any tropical uniform of the Wehrmacht (Heer). Yellow (sand) stripes on beige field.

The price is for a couple of collar tabs (kit for one jacket).

These sand BeVo collar tabs (woven, for Deutsche Afrika Korps) are the total copy of the originals. Original "Litzen" were made in the form of a tape, and before sewing they were cut and bent in a special way to get "reels". The market offers collar tabs made on modern equipment from a thin thread and already cut in the form of reels. Although it is easier to sew such, but they will never give an authentic look like our collar tabs! They will look like paper, with minor errors in the pattern of weaving and eventually spoil the whole jacket.

Color shades in the photo may slightly differ from the color on the product.

How to sew the collar tabs?

1. Form the reels. Use chalk, a sharp piece of soap (or eventually, a pencil) to draw the lines along which the edges of the collar tabs will be bent. Cut the excess at the edges with a margin of 5 mm from the fold line. The threads along the tabs also need to be cut, but not completely, so not to let them become loose. Use PVA glue and iron to form the reels. Coat the reverse sides with the PVA (try to pour the glue as little as possible, so it did't leak on the front side or edges), and use iron for bending.

Don't forget that the tabs are mirror-image! Their edges are bent in different directions. Colored strips serve as a guide for bending.

2. When the tabs ares formed, they are to be sewn. First, apply them to the collar and place evenly. Approximately 1 cm from the edges of the collar and parallel to these edges. After that fix the tabs with a bright thread (which is then removed) or glue. After that start to sew them straight machine stitching on the long sides, using grey or beige thread. Such tabs were sewn with a straight machine seam or zigzag directly to the collar.