Christmas present ration

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A replica of a Christmas or New Year gift for Wehrmacht soldiers. Any German soldier was happy to receive a grocery package that reminded him of his homeland and family for the holiday.

The envelope with Christmas motives (the design of those years) contains:

1. Tea substitute packaging "Deutscher Tee" made of blackberries and raspberries leaves (25 g);
2. Barley coffee substitute package "Gollner Kaffee" (8 g);
3. Sugar substitute "Kristall - Sußstof saccharin" (Wehrmachts-packung) (10 g);
4. Packaging sublimated tomato soup "Maggi";
5. Two chocolates "Wefeld Edel-Vollmilch" (18 g each);
6. Packing lollipops "Deli V-Drops".