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SS sleeve eagle, white thread on a black background. The size of the eagle is 87x41 mm.

This sample was made in preparation for a batch of similar eagles for our store. There are a few pieces. There are black stripes on the eagle's chest, which should not be there (seen in the photo). The rest of the details are smooth and beautiful, the stripes can be fixed with a needle and a matching synthetic thread, or left as is. Sold at a reduced price. There are several pieces.

How to sew the patch?

There are 2 ways.

I. The original way, so they were sewn in the Third Reich. Trim the excess around the eagle with a margin of 5 mm. Fold this 5 mm margin under the patch on all sides and iron it (you may use glue). Fix the patch on the left sleeve of the field jacket so it would be 15 cm from the seam (where the shoulder strap) to the upper edge of the patch. You can fix it with a bright thread (which shall then be removed). When the patch sits evenly and beautifully, it must be sewn with a black thread over the edge. At the end of the war, patches were sewn on a machine with a zigzag stitch. You can simulate a machine seam. In the end, you need to remove the bright threads that secured the patch.

II. A method for reenactment (easier). Remove threads from the inside of the patch to make it thinner using scissors or a razor. Glue the patch on thin paper or fabric with tailor's glue or PVA and dry it with an iron (if the glue is liquid, it should be poured as little as possible so that it does not leak onto the front side). Trim the eagle without margins. Fix the patch on the clothes with a few stitches of thread of bright color or glue so that it sits evenly. Sew as described in method I. Remove the bright threads that secured the patch.