Camouflage fabric textile Telo Mimetico Italian 1929

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Items in the photo (other than camouflage fabric) are shown to present the actual colors and size of the fabric pattern. They don't come with the fabric.

One-sided camouflage material. It was used for tailoring uniforms of the Italian army and the German army (after the withdrawal of Italian stocks by the Germans) after 1943.

Base: 100% cotton. Width 1.52 m, density (weight) 270 g/m². When burning turns to ash, no plastic! Suitable for caps, camouflage blouses, winter clothes, covers, as a tablecloth. It can also be used as a tent, but fabric for tents is usually denser and heavier. Of course, this fabric is not a plastic tent and after a while will get wet, like any natural fabric.

Price for 0.1 running meter (a stripe of 10x152 сm or 4x61 inch) of fabric. 10 units of the item = 1 running meter. For example, you can buy 0.3 running meters (a piece of 30x152 cm) and sew a pair of caps from it. You can put any quantity into the shopping cart, but the cart will allow you to place an order only for the quantity that is actually in stock.

If you want to sew something, we recommend that you find a tailor and consult with him before ordering. We do not know how much fabric is needed for your product! Cuts of fabric are not subject to exchange and return. If you need a probe — buy 0.1 m, it is not expensive.