Camouflage fabric Dot Pea Erbsentarn discounted from 0.1 linear m.

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How to choose the size?

Price for 0.1 running meter (a stripe of 10x155 сm) of fabric. 10 units of the item = 1 running meter. For example, you can buy 0.3 running meters (a piece of 30x155 cm) and sew a pair of caps from it. You can put any quantity into the shopping cart, but the cart will allow you to place an order only for the quantity that is actually in stock.

If you want to sew something, we recommend that you find a tailor and consult with him before ordering. We do not know how much fabric is needed for your product! Cuts of fabric are not subject to exchange and return. Before buying, we can cut off a trial piece of 10x10 cm for you (paid separately), there are no free samples.


This material has a defect: tiny white dots on the entire surface due to the unevenness of the base (fabric). Where small thread ends rose above the surface of the fabric, the fabric was not dyed. This is the only drawback of the fabric, but therefore we sell it at a low price.

Items in the photo (other than camouflage fabric) are shown to present the actual colors and size of the fabric pattern. They don't come with the fabric.

One-sided camouflage material. Width 1.5 m, density (weight) 240 g/m². Base: 100% cotton. When burning turns to ash, no plastic! Suitable for caps, winter clothes, covers, as a tablecloth. It can also be used as a tent, but fabric for tents is usually denser and heavier. This fabric gets wet in the rain. To improve the hydrophobic properties, you can independently apply the impregnation after the purchase (in the washing machine or from an aerosol can). It must be understood that no natural fabric, except for special tents or wind-jackets, has hydrophobic properties (absorbs water). The fabric on German winter jackets and Soviet quilted jackets "Telogreyka" willingly absorbed water.

The shade of the fabric is cold "pink" (there were different shades of this camouflage, for example, warm "yellow"). 5 colors of spots: earth, light earth (pink), dark spots (dark green, almost black) and 2 shades of green (withered foliage and fresh foliage). The base has a plain weave of threads (criss-cross).