Camouflage fabric textile Oakleaf-A Eichenlaub double-sided

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Price is for piece 10x10 cm (square decimeter or — you can see it in the picture. We will cut a piece of any size as you wish. 

Good suggestion for making small items, for the repair of original items (for example, raincoat tents). One running meter = 150 sq. dm and it cost as 150 sq. dm, no discount. We offer no discounts for large pieces (or for the amount of 1 running meter).

How many sq. dm in a piece? Examples:
Length, mWidth, mSq. dm
0,5Full (1,5 m)75
1 running meterFull (1,5 m)150
2,5Full (1,5 m)375

To obtain price for a piece please write to "Quantity" field how many decimeters you need and push "Add to cart".

Items in the photo (other than camouflage fabric) are shown to present the actual colors and size of the fabric pattern. They don't come with the fabric.

Double-sided camouflage material - tent fabric. On the one side, brown shades for autumn / spring, on the other - green for summer.

Camouflage "Oakleaf" first appeared on raincoats, blouses and helmet covers in 1941. Almost unchanged, it existed until 1943, in the form of a one-sided fabric, it was put on winter jackets.

Base: 100% cotton. Width 1.5 m, density (weight) 270 g/m². When burning turns to ash, no plastic! Fully corresponds to the German tent fabric (Zeltbahn) in terms of texture and properties. Repels water due to the tight weave of the threads, just like the original fabric. Doesn't shine through. Like the original fabric, it is not waterproof: resistance to precipitation occurs due to the swelling of the threads, which create a very dense surface.

Suitable for repair and tailoring of hats, camouflage blouses, covers, as a tablecloth. It can also be used as a tent.

Price for 1 square decimeter (piece 10x10 cm) of fabric - see photo below. 150 units of goods = 1 running meter. That is, you can buy a piece of 30x150 cm (3x15 = 45 units of goods) and sew a pair of caps or helmet covers from it.

You can put any number of units in the shopping cart, but the cart will only allow you to place an order for the quantity that is actually in stock.

If you want to sew something, we recommend that you find a tailor and consult with him before ordering. We don't know how much fabric you need for your product! Fabric cuts are non-refundable and non-refundable. If you need a probe - buy 1 unit. product is not expensive.