German original spade shovel, welded

75.00 €
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Original German spade (with original wooden handle) from a military warehouse. These spades were preserved in conservation. We cleaned and re-painted spades in the black color. The wood is treated with a special impregnation to protect it from decay and dirt.

We have several shovels with different stamps (and without). All shovels are basically the same, in excellent condition, assembled by welding. The photos show only the distinguishing features for each number. The price corresponds to their condition and stamps on them. Shovel (according to the number and description below) must be selected before purchase. If any option is missing next to the "Add to cart" button, then it has already been sold.

1) Indecipherable stamp: letter code + 1943.

7) ekz not clear.

8) No stamps, accurate welding, presumably 1943 year of manufacture.