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This product is intended for military-historical reenactment (immersive stydy of history); for creating costumes for theatrical and film, video plays condemning Nazism and fascism; as well as for exhibiting in museums of military history. This product is not propaganda of ideas and criminals convicted by an International Military Tribunal, and should not be used for such a purpose! The photos have been edited in accordance with the requirements of the law.

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SS division cuffs, machine embroidered. Black background of the ribbon, letters are voluminous. Length about 45 cm, width about 3 cm.

The Oberbayern and Thüringen ribbons are embroidered with off-white thread. Such tapes were intended for ordinary military (not officers).

The skull is embroidered with a silvery metallic thread (cold to the touch), such ribbons were worn by officers.

Select your ribbon next to the "Add to cart" button. Read the Historical Reference below if you want to know more about each tape. If the cuff is in the photo, but you can't find it in the list (it cannot be selected), then this type of cuff is sold out and no restocking in the near future.

Historical reference.

SS-Totenkopfverbände (SS-TV) is one of the divisions of the Schutzstaffel (SS) created in 1933. Managed Nazi concentration and extermination camps in Germany and occupied Europe.

Oberbayern - 1st standard of the SS division "Totenkopf" formed in 1937 in Dachau. The tasks included "security operations" behind enemy lines, which in reality amounted to terrorizing and murdering the civilian population in Poland.

Thüringen - 3rd standard formed in 1937 in Buchenwald. During the invasion of Poland. 3rd standard conducted "security operations" in the rear, which were aimed at murdering civilians and terrorist actions on the territory of Poland.

The "Skull" Cuff title was introduced in September 1938 to replace the "Oberbayern" cuff title of the 1st SS-Totenkopf Standarte. While the "Totenkopf" (letters) cuff title wasn't adopted until September 1942, the confusion exists as many "skull" cuff titles were worn in the Totenkopf Division, either by prior serving 1 SS-TV members or as an unofficial Divisional title.