Dot camo jacket 1944-45

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The legendary uniform of the German army elite in the last years of the war.

Bright and correct camouflage pattern (5 colors). "Herringbone" (HBT, Fischgrätmuster) fabric.

There are cheaper versions of "Dot" (Pea) suits on the market. Their camouflage has as much common with the original as Flecktarn of the Bundeswehr or post-war Austrian K57. Camo pattern of cheaper copies is completely fictitious and reminds original "Dot" a little. Morover, chap copies has less colours than originals. But we're offer you a nice copy for a reasonable price.

How to choose a size?

To measure your chest you should use a flexible meter, or at least a rope. You can compare data from table below with any jacket that you have and that fits you.
• Jacket chest — the maximum girth of a bare chest (on inhale) recommended for a given jacket size (that is, if your chest is even one centimeter larger, take the next size). Size in brackets: the width of the chest on the jacket, lying flat on the floor (at the level of the 3rd button on top). The jacket is designed to be worn over the field blouse. It should also be noted that jackets is one size smaller than the pants for this camouflage set of the; that is, the set is the jacket XL and pants L, not L + L.
• Shoulder widht — along the shoulder seam from sleeve to sleeve and behind the neck; This is a very important size, use it to compare it with an existing similar jacket that you probably fit.
• Sleeve lenght — maximum of the sleeve lenght.
• Back height — the length of the back from the collar to the bottom, excluding the collar. We never have jackets of another length!

The main size of the jacket is the chest girth. You need to start with it. Other sizes either depend on it or are listed for reference. If you choose the size according to the principle “well, I wear L”, then you can be mistaken, because L is a conditional size, which means simply “large”.

Compliance is true for this product only!
Iternational size
Russian size
Chest, cm
Shoulders, cm
Sleeve, cm
Back, cm
S4692 (50)46
M4896 (52)49
L50100 (54)52
XL52104 (56)55
2XL54108 (58)5870
3XL56112 (60)61

If you do not understand the table and you need help, write or call us, we will help you to find the size.

You can choose the size you need from those in the list near "Add to Cart" button. If we don't have any size, you won't find it there. Other sizes may appear later.

Historical reference.

Dot suits were used in the Waffen-SS from March 1944 on. Original "Dot" jacket (in good condition) is estimated at $3500 among collectors. Prices are rising.