Mug for field bottle from 1931

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The mug is made of aluminum and covered with black semi-matte paint. There is a stamp TSR 40 on it. Not a bad copy: shape, color in order, aluminum is clean and of light colour. However, the handles need some work (you need to bend them a bit so that they fold as they should).

The volume is 250 ml. Convenient shape and folding handles allow you to use it not only in the reenactment, but also in tourism, or store it in the glove compartment of the car. Weight 60 g.

Historical reference.

The mug was included in the standard field bottle of the Wehrmacht since 1931. From 1941 on, it could be painted in olive green. In 1943 steel mugs began to appear, that were slightly smaller in height and painted red primer and (not always) olive paint.