Front steel hook for Y-strap

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Hook for German infantry Y-strap. Made in Russia. Steel, D&C stamps, matt grey colour coated. Superb quality.

Hooks had a lot of minor differences in shape, which depended on both the manufacturer and the time of production. For example, the early hooks had a rounded buckle; and later the shape of the buckle became closer to rectangular. The swinging hooks also varied: initially it had variable width (it was narrower at the bend, but wider at the straight sections) and a rather complex shape of the bends. Later, the hook shape became easier too.

The copy we offer repeats the early hooks that have been made from steel since 1940. The master did not invent anything, just carefully copied. The photo shows a comparison of the copy and the original.

Price for 1 pc. Usually you need 2 for an Y-strap.

Historical reference.

Steel hooks were introduced in 1940. Archeological practice shows that one part of equimpent might contain both aluminum and steel parts, from a fabric or after repair.