Black holster for Walther P38 pistol soft shell original

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Mint original holster for the German pistol Walter P-38, the so-called "soft shell". Unlike the “hard-shell” or “koffer”, where the front and lid details are extruded from hard leather, this holster is made of thinner leather and more compact. The holster was produced during the Second World war by the manufacturer number 0/0833/0007 (Hans Römer from the city of Neu Ulm). On the back, the model of pistol P38 is pressed in large letters, the manufacturer code in the Reich enterprise system (RB.Nr.) and the WaA military acceptance stamp (eagle).

The original gun fits great, as does the spare magazine. The first time might be tight anyway. Use leather shoe softener to bring the holster to its working form after the long storage. To maintain the leather in good condition, you can use products based on beeswax or animal fat (you can buy from us).

When used in reenactmet, it must be remembered that the holster is more than 75 years old. Carrying a gun (or a model of the gun) will not affect the condition. But field use during reenactment can eventually lead to damage to the belt loops or flap tongue. The leather is in almost perfect condition, but it is still old.