Black holster for Luger P08 pistol

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High-quality copy of the holster to the German pistol Luger (Parabellum) P08 with a hard formed lid. Made from thick bull surface dyed leather of black color (as it was on originals: vegetable tanned leather of light beige colour was painted black on the surface, not by immersion in paint). The edges and cuts of the skin are painted black after parts have been manufactured or assembled, which was also the norm for the early production of leather gear in the Reich. Another standard for black leather products in the Reich was painted black hardware (buckle here). There is a leather strap under the lid for fast pull out a pistol from a holster. Side leather pocket is for the cartridge mag.

The rear side of the holster is stamped with the military model name P08 in large letters 18 mm high, also stamped by the manufacturer E. Gleuner GmbH Bautzen 1941 (Bautzen in eastern Germany in Saxony near Dresden) and the bears a stamp of military acceptance office WaA170 (without a swastika because holsters are made currently for Germany, where the swastika is prohibited).