Press-buttons 12 mm Germany

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Replica of 12 mm press-buttons for German equipment of the first half of XX century. Nice deep "star" design on exterior part, made of golden metal like originals, exterior detail painted black. Interior part has inconspicuous star marking (***), no modern inscriptions like "super star", "strong" or "xiao myao"!

We sell press-buttons per 1 piece. Each piece consist of 4 parts. Press-buttons are usually installed by a standart hand-device (or you can bring them to a local workshop). You can install them by yourself using a nail and a hammer but you should know how to  install press-buttons in theory and try usual cheaper press-buttons first.

The color of the press-buttons is brass (golden). German buttons until 1940 were made of brass and glittered like new cartridges. Over time, they faded and became covered with a whitish or green patina (oxidation). We sell press-studs in a new condition. If you want to get an "aged" look, then you need to use acids and other chemicals to make them fade. Since 1940, the press-buttons have been made of zinc-coated steel. You can buy our buttons, take the top part (the cover) from the set and add the rest parts of steel (the press-buttons are standard, just choose the size).

We sell press-buttons to wholesale buyers (from 100 pcs.) by lower prices (please ask if interested). It's highly rare copy, made exclusively for "Replika" shop!